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Duplicating an Order

Duplicating an order allows you to duplicate an order for another student, based on what was added to the cart of who you just shopped for.Orders can only be copied from/to students in the same school.

• After adding desired items to you cart, click the “Duplicate Order” button located next to the Checkout Cart button near the bottom of the order screen.(see image below) 

• After you click the “Duplicate Order” button a duplicate order popup will appeaar.(see image below) The menu items that you have selected for a student can be duplicated for the students that are in the popup window. You can then select the students that you would like to duplicate this order for. If there are no cart item conflicts, select “OK” to complete your dulpicated order.

NOTE: If you had previously added items to the cart for the student you are selecting, there will be a cart item conflict. In the popup window you have the option to “Overwrite Existing Items” or “Add Copied Items to Existing Items”.After choosing your option, select “OK” to complete your dulpicated order.

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