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New Payment Processing Features for 2018

Beginning Summer of 2018, users of select schools will now have the option on MySchoolAccount to securely save ACH or Credit Card payment details for quicker future use.

When you go to make a payment, you will need to add your ACH or Credit Card by selecting "Use New ACH Account" or "Use New Credit Card" from the dropdown. To save your details make sure the box named "Save payment method for future use" is checked. (pictured below) Next time you go to make a payment your details will show up in the payment method dropdown eliminating the need to enter your payment details over again. Note: It is not required that you save your payment details. You can edit saved payment details in "Manage My Account" settings.

Add NEW ACH Act.png

To include this feature in our system you'll noticed that that payment window has changed slightly. (See below)

add new ach.png

You will be able to add/remove/edit your saved payment details in your “Manage My Account” settings. (pictured below)

banks and cards.png