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Enter Sales through Admin(Multiple Buy)


Explains How to enter sales for past dates in the Admin Program


After completing the multiple buy, you will be able to run the reports for these dates and get a total of all sales as well as a correct Edit check report for the actual meals to claim.

First Step

Log into the Admin Program

  • Click on Schools to display the list of schools.
  • Double click on the appropriate school in which the sales need to be entered.
  • Select the Multiple Buy Tab to display this window.
  • Hit the drop down to select a grade, or Homeroom.
    • If you do not select a grade or homeroom, you will get an alphabetized list of the students in that school when you hit Select Students  
  • Select the dropdown arrow to the right of date to select the appropriate date.
  • Select the drop down to select a POS name.
  • Select the Qualified or Unqualified option for the category
  • Select the drop down arrow to the right of Menu Item and select the item
  • Hit Select Students and click the box to the left of the names of students who purchased the item selected.
    • Hit Finish at the bottom right of that screen when done. *If you skip this step, the Process Items button will be grayed out.
  • Process Items will now allow you to press it to complete the sale.  
  • When the sale has completed, you will receive a screen listing the students and will display Success to the right of their names. This confirms the sale was completed.
  • Select Ok when finished to exit the school options.


Second Step

Rerun the reports for the dates of the sales entered.

What's Next

This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this how-to.

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