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Doing Voids in POS


This Article will walk you through doing voids in the POS


The sale has already been completed.



Voids can be done in POS


POS Voids

The following steps will walk you through doing a void in the POS program. Voids can only be done on the current cashier session.

  • Hit the Search button to locate a student or have them identify
  • Hit the Last Order button on the top right hand side of the screen. This will display the last transaction that went through the account during this cashier session.
  • You can select an Item and hit Void Item. This will bring up a comment screen for you to enter a comment and when you hit Ok, the item selected will display as voided.
  • You can void the entire order by selecting Void Order. If there is a payment associated with the order, you will receive a prompt asking if you would like to void the payment as well. Select yes or no.
  • You will then receive a comment screen. Enter a comment if you wish and hit Ok to complete the void.

What's Next?

Print a voids report in admin to display the voids and who did them.

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