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Adding Menu Items to the POS Shortcuts



This section will instruct you on how to add your menu items to the POS machine


The menu items must exist in Admin

Click Menu Items to see how to create menu items

Log into POS

Do a Sync to make the menu items available.


  • Click on the Properties button to open the POS Wizard
  • Click on  Forward.png to scroll through the setup windows until you get to a screen with multiple NA Squares.
  • Click on an NA square to display the screen you see pictured on the right.
  • Click on the dropdown arrow to display a list of the Categories to choose from. Click on the Category to select it. A list of the menu items in  that category will be displayed.
  • Select the menu item from the list by double clicking on it or select it and click OK. This will post it to the square selected.
  • Continue in this manner until you have all the needed menu items displaying on the shortcut screen.

* If you need another shortcut screen, select the Back button and select the number of shortcut screens you require.

*You can have up to 7 shortcut screens with 30 items on each screen. 

* It is ok to duplicate any menu items on different shortcut screens.


What's Next?

Configure devices.

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