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Reminder to Free and reduced applicants



This document will show you how to send a letter to the parents of students who have not turned in an updated meal application for the new school year. They have 30 days in the new school year to complete an application and submit it to maintain their lunch status.


Make sure all current applications have been entered into the system.


Print Reports

The Expiration letters should be printed and sent out 1-2 weeks prior to your carryover expiration date. This will give the parents time to reapply for free or reduced meals before it is too late.

  • Log into the FORMS program
  • Click on Reports and select the Customer Meal Roster  (A-1)
    • Click the Sort Options tab and in the first drop down, select FORMS Meal Status with a page break
    • Click the second drop down arrow and select Student name as pictured in B.
    • This will give you a list of students with the statuses lumped together. The CarryOvers are the ones who need an updated application.
  • Click on Reports and select Expiration Letter for Carryover Statuses
    • A screen will be displayed giving you the options to select the statuses that you would like to generate the letter for.
    • Select All Statuses if you want to generate a letter for all carryovers.
    • If you select Paid, Reduced, Free, Temporary, Direct Cert and/or Migrant, be sure to select Use All Statuses (Generic)
    • If you get an error that the selected criteria returned no information, go to Setup Expiration Letter.



Setup Expiration Letter

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to
  • Click on the CarryOver Status Letter Template and save it to your computer
  • To Insert the letter into FORMS

    • ​Log into FORMS and click on Reports-->Letter Designer
    • Click on the Status Expiration button on the bottom left, this will bring it to the top
    • Click on Edit, then File then Load. This will bring up a screen for you to search your computer for the letter you saved on it. Browse to that letter.
    • Double click on the Letter and then you will be able to see it in a larger view
    • Review the letter and make any necessary changes. Edit it as you would a word document.
    • Do not edit anything enclosed in brackets. These pull information from the database and insert it into the letter.
    • After you have completed your changes, Click on the x in the top right corner and say yes to save the changes.
    • Click Save, at the bottom and then Close to exit the Letter designer.

Generate Expiration Letter for Carryovers

  • Click on Reports and select the Expiration letter A-(2)
  • Select the lunch types you would like to generate a letter for. Keep in mind the students marked as paid would include application that were income too high.
  • Click OK to generate the report and print.

Expired Meal Application Roster

  • Generate this report after the applications have been expired to get a list of the Students set back to paid. (A3)

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