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Setting up a District


This section outlines the procedure for setting up a district in FSS Admin.


This is the first process which must be completed in order to get your tablet working with the server. 

 Accessing the District Settings Section 

- Log in to the FSS Admin site.

- Click Settings > Districts.

- Click Add New District.JPG

 District Settings 

- Enter all necessary information in the following fields (* denotes a required field):

District Name*

Street Address





FaxTax Information.JPG


Tax Information     

- For each type of customer account for which taxes are applicable, check the box next to the account type.





School Year School Year.JPG

- Enter the start and end dates for the current (or upcoming) school year.

- This does not have to be filled out. If no dates are entered, the system will set these

dates to the default values (July 1 through June 30 of the following year).



District Director and Admin 

This section cannot be completed until the district director and/or district admin have been created as customers in the system. However, these fields are not required. Customer creation will be covered in a separate section.

Director Admin.JPG- Once the district director and admin have been created as customers, you can use the drop-down menu to select them.

- The Director is typically the food service director for the district.

- The Admin is an administrator who has higher authority than the food service director. This is typically a superintendent, business manager, director of nutrition, etc.

- These fields are designed for use with our upcoming letter editor feature.


Bank Info 

* This section is optional. If this information is entered, it can then be printed onto a deposit ticket.

- Enter the following information if you'd like to utilize this section.

Bank Name

Bank Address




Routing Number

Account Number


Click Save.JPG when finished configuring the district details.

 What's Next 

The next step is to create the school(s) which constitute the district. Click here to access this page.

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