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Security Levels



This section will explain how to limit the rights of some user in the system




  • Log into admin
  • Click on Securities
  • The illustration on the right displays the Admin security level options, which allows full access to the user.
  • To add a new security group
    • Click New at the bottom
    • Give the group a name, ex. Cashier
  • A cashier needs the ability to generate sales and payments. To allow a cashier to do this, you need to select the following options
    • to the right of Orders, select Can View, Can Edit, Can Insert and Can Delete
      • If you do not want the cashier to be able to search for a student/customer, Uncheck Can View to the right of Orders
      • If you do not want the cashier to be able to Void, Uncheck Can Edit
      • If you do not want a cashier to be able to Override a low balance warning, Uncheck Can Insert.
    • To the right of POS, select all 4 options
      • If you do not want the user to be able to edit the POS properties, uncheck Can Edit to the right of POS.
    • Check, Can View, to the right of reports if the user needs to run Reports.
  • As you add options to the security level, you give the user more rights to make changes in Admin.


Administrative rights 


Cashier Securities

What's Next?

Apply the security level to the users account.

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