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Search for a Customer



This article explains the steps on how to search for a customer in the Admin program.


Customer Search in Admin

  • Go to Admin -> Customers
  • In the Customer Search Engine Screen, as pictured below
    • Enter your search criteria.
      • To search by a School, Homeroom or Grade - Click the button to the right of the entry box to view options, double click on your desired choice.
      • To search by a ID, Pin, Last Name or First Name - Type the information into the entry box directly beside the option you wish to search by.  Choose from the drop down (currently marked with begins) to further help with your search. 
      • All Schools - can be unchecked if you wish to search the entire district - the default is checked
      • Students Only - can be checked if you wish to exclude adults from your search - the default is unchecked
      • Active Only - can be unchecked if you wish to include inactive customers in your search - the default is check
    •  Press the Search Button
      • A list of potential matches for the search criteria you put in will appear on the screen.
    • Open an account by doing one of the following:
      • Double click on a customer to view their account information
      • Select the customer and click the edit button at the bottom of the screen.


What's Next?

View or edit the customer account.

Customer Tabs

Make a payment

Doing Voids


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