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Printing Student ID Cards




All student should be created in the system and assigned to the appropriate school.


  • Log in to Admin
  • Click on Schools
  • Select the school from the list by double clicking on it.
  • Click on the Options Tab
  • Select Cards and Labels (A)
  • Click yes if you only want a list of students
  • Select the students that you want an ID card for (B)
    • You can print a group by selecting a homeroom or grade
    • You can Select All to get a card for everyone in the selected school.
  • You will be prompted to include pins to the id cards. This is based on your preference.
  • It will also ask if you are printing plastic ID cards on a P310 card printer, which we have for purchase for our customers.
    • If you say no to this prompt, you will get the report to the right. (C)
    • If you say yes, you will be able to print individual cards for the selected students.
  • If Pictures have been imported, they will display to the left of the student information.
  • From this section, you can also print Labels to attach to current cards. (D)

CardsAndLabels.png A.


IDcardSelections.png B.

IDcards.png C.


IDLabels.png D.

What's Next?

Scanning the cards to access accounts at the POS station.

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