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Menu Items


Explains the process for creating a menu item to sell.



Log into Admin-Logging into the system

The Categories and Category types must be created prior to creating menu items.


  • Select Menu-->Menu Items
  • Select New, at the bottom, to create a new menu item.
  • Enter the Item Name as the item you are selling
  • For the Category, click on the button with 3 dots, on the right, and select the Category from the list.
  • Shortcut Button Caption should be typed in as you would like the menu item displayed on the POS. Can be the same as item name.
  • Enter the vending information if using our vending machine
  • For the Item Type Select the the Lunch or Breakfast item. If the item can be purchased at lunch and Breakfast, leave N/A selected.
  • The Menu Item Specifications allow you to tell the system have specific conditions.
    • Select the Kitchen Printer Item if this is something that needs to be prepared in the Kitchen and you have a printer there.
    • Electronic Scale Item should be selected if the item will be weighed to access the cost.
    • Select Taxable item if the item should be taxed.
    • Select Once Per Day Item if the customers are only allowed to buy one of this item in a day.
    • Select Meal Equivalent Item if the item can be part of a meal plan selection.
  • Prices should be entered for each group recognized by the POS system.
    • Student Full Price is the cost to a paid student
    • If the item is Qualified, you will see Reduced Price listed next and here you would enter a reduced price for a student.
    • Employee Price is the cost to an adult or Employee with an account created in the system. An adult/employee cannot purchase a qualified item.
    • The Guest Price is the price for a customer paying cash because they do not have an account. The cashier will use the Guest Cash Sale button on the POS.
  • Click OK to save the menu item.
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