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Make a payment in Admin



Explains the different ways to make a payment in the Point-of-Sale system.


How to make a payment in Admin.


The following steps describe how to make a payment using the Admin program.

  • Login to Admin
  • Go to Admin -> Customers
  • Bring up a Customer Account                              
    • Search for Customer                                                                  
    • Open the account

      • Double Click on the customer.

      • Highlight the customer and click Edit.

  • Click on the Activity tab.

  • CustomerActivity.png
  • Click on the Payment button. The screen to the right will appear.

  • CustomerPaymentScreen.png

    Enter the amount of the payment.

    • If this is a check payment, mark the checkbox for Check Payment.  

    • Enter the check number in the supplied area. 

  • ​​Select the Account to which the payment will be applied.

    • ​​(ex. A La Carte is the default)

  • ​​Select Payment.

    • NOTE: The notes section is currently not used.  If you enter any information in here it may be saved, but will not be viewable in any report or log.

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