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Letter Designer



The letter designer allows you to create a letter, conveying a message of your choice, and doing a mail merge within admin to personalize this letter to each customer in Admin.


Have the Director and Administrator defined in the District Details.

Have the District and School address and phone number filled in.


Log into Admin and select Reports-->Letter Designer

  • Warning Letters (A)

    • You can design as many warning letters as needed. The General Warning letter can be generated for students of your choosing based on a balance or selected criteria
    • The Warning Letter 1-6 will generate based on the settings in the district tab
  • Notification Letters (B)

    • You can design any of these letters to convey a message to your parents. The message does not necessarily have to be related to the letter name.
WarningLetters.png  A.       B. Notification_Letters.png
  • Design your letter

    • Select the letter, on the left, that you would like to design
    • Use the keywords on the right to personalize the letter with the students information and the location.
      • As you type in the letter and you get to a position where you would like to use a keyword, double click on it and it will be inserted where you stopped typing.
    • Type in the message and put the keywords in place
    • If you right click on the screen, it will bring up a larger view of the letter and you can make adjustments as you would in a word document. 
    • When you have completed the letter, select Save
  • Rename Letter 

    • Right click on the tab indicating the letter name and you will receive options to set the letter as Active, Rename Letter, New Letter, and Delete Letter
    • Select Rename Letter and you will receive a screen to allow you to do so.
  • Create a new letter

    • Right click on the current letter name and select New Letter
    • Enter the name of your new letter and continue to design it. 
    • Select Save when you are done
  • Set a Letter as Active.

    • If you have multiple letters, right click on the letter that you would like to generate and select Set as Active Letter
    • Select Save when finished
  • Disclaimer

    • The box at the bottom allows you to enter a disclaimer which will appear on  any letter generated from this section.

**Note: We do have some letter templates on our download page at






  • Keywords

    • ​If you scroll to the right of each keyword, there is an explanation of what will be displayed when this keyword is used.
    • Keywords can only be added to the letter when you are in the peach area.
  • Language

    • Add any needed languages in Admin.
    • Assign the appropriate language to the student in the Customer Info tab of their account
    • Click the drop down arrow and select another language and you will get a blank letter
    • Create your letter in that language.
    • When you generate the letters, the language appropriate letter will print out for each student




  • ​Generate the letters for customers

    • Click on Reports--Reports--Customer
    • Select the report you would like to generate
    • Listed to the right are the available letters
      • The Warning Letters will follow the rules set in the district. All other letters can be run based on your selected criteria
    • Letter Options
      • Select the Locations tab and select the Location that you would like to generate the letters for 
        • If you are generating the letters for those who meet the selected criteria in the entire district, there is no need to select a location
      • Select Customer Search Tab
        • Select All Customers or
        • Select Individual and enter a customer's name in the blank box under First Name
        • Select the button with 3 dots to the right to bring up a list of all who fit the criteria you entered.
        • Click in the Selected box to the left of the customers name to select them



    • Filters
      • You can sort these letters by Qualification Types, Custom Sort or Homeroom and grade
      • To generate the letters in Alphabetical order, select the first drop down arrow to the right of school and select Customer Name. 
        • If you do this all other options will disappear.
      • Enter the Grade or Homeroom and then Customer name if you want the reports sorted by grade or homeroom, with the students in Alphabetical order
    • Balances
      • Select the balance parameters that you would like the system to use when generating the letter
      • Select the Zero balance option if needed
      • Select the account type. Range will allow you to enter a value to go by
      • Enter the Range. The illustration displays -50 as the upper limit, so only the customers with a balance of -50 or more will get a letter.
    • Generate the Letter
      • After you have made all of your selections, click the Execute Report button on the bottom left
      • When the generation is complete you will receive an Output Options box which gives you the option to print, preview or save your report.
        • I suggest you preview the report before printing it.


What's Next?

You should be able to put this letter in a number ten window envelope to mail it out.

You may also be able to e-mail these letters if your student have e-mail addresses and the proper settings.

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