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Explains how to create Categories, or the groups of items that will be sold in the cafeteria


After completing this how-to you wil be able to complete the menu item setup.


Log into Admin, Logging into the system

The Category Types must be created prior to creating Categories.Category Type

Select Categories

Click on Menu-->Categories

  • Select New at the Bottom
  • Type in the name of the category. In the illustration to the right, the BREAKFAST, LUNCH, ADULT ALA CARTE, ADULT MEALS AND ALA CARTE have already been created.
  • To enter the Type, you will click on the button with 3 dots and select the Category type from the list. Select Ok to enter the select Type.
  • There is no need for an Account Code
  • To select a color, select the button with 3 dots to the right, and select the color you would like to see the category displayed on the POS.
  • Only uncheck the Currently Active option if you would like to deactivate a category.
  • Click Ok to save the Category.
  • You can also Edit a Category that has already been created by selecting it from the list. A double click on the category will open it so you can make changes or you can click on it and select Edit at the bottom.


This illustration displays the Admin program after selecting New to add a Category.


What's Next

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