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Category Type


Explains how to create a category type to begin the setup of your menu.


After completing this how-to you will have begun the setup of your menu.

First Step

Log into Admin, Logging into the system

Second Step

Click on Menu-->Category Types

  • Hit New at the bottom left.
  • Enter the name of your Category Type.
    • Select Can be reduced if this is a state reimbursable category type
    • Select Can be Free if this is a state reimbursable category type
    • Select Meal Plan Items if you have setup meal plans that have already been paid into
    • Select Meal Equivalency if this category is going to allow a meal equivalency on particular items.
      • You would not be able to use lunch status options and Meal plan Options at the same time. You must pick the options which suites your needs best.
      • If you are a member of the National School lunch program
        •  You will have a Qualified category type which can be free and reduced
        • You will also have an Unqualified Category type for all items that are not reimbursable 
    • Select OK to Save 

What's Next

Create Categories.

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