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End of Year Routine



This document will walk you through the procedure for closing out the school year.


* Run Account balance reports and try to get the debts paid off

* After the last day of service, make a backup of the database prior to beginning this routine.



Auto Import

  • Turn off the auto import service, on the server, until you are ready to update your data for the new school year.
    • ​Go to Start-->Control Panel-->Administrative Tools-->Services
    • Double click on Services and scroll down to FSS Data Sentinel, right click on it and select Stop.
    • Right click on this service and go to Properties and set to Manual or Disable.


  • Run final statements for all students who will not be coming back for the next school year.
    • Make copies for your records (if needed)
    • Send final negative balance statements to parents
    • Send refunds to positive accounts
  • Run a Cafeteria report for each School for the year
    • This will be needed at some point for your NSLP application
    • You could run this report district wide as well.
    • In some instances this report might time out. You may have to break it up into smaller time periods.
  • Run a Meal Roster report to keep a record of the students lunch statuses as of the end of the year.

These reports can be printed and/or saved on your computer for future reference.


Graduate Seniors

  • Run the Graduate Seniors Routine
    • This routine will zero out the selected accounts and deactivate the students.
    • Make sure the senior accounts have been refunded, if needed, prior to this routine. This can be done by entering a negative adjustment in the customer activity.

Backup Database

  • Have the IT create another backup of the database.

What's Next?

Enjoy your Summer!

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