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Doing Voids in Admin


This Article will walk you through doing voids in Admin.


The sale has already been completed.



Voids can be done in Admin.


Admin Voids

The following steps will guide you through doing a void in a Customer Account or Cash sale account in Admin

  • Log into the Admin Program
  • Click on Customer and enter the students last name or Cash as the last name to correct the Cash sale account. Hit the Search button to begin the search
  • Select the account from the list to open the account details.
  • Click on the Activity tab to display account transactions.
  • Find the order in the top section and highlight it by clicking on it.
  • Void the entire order by hitting Void Order. This will also give you the option to void any payment which is associated with the order. A prompt will give you the option to select yes or no.
  • You can also void an individual item by highlighting the order and then click on the individual item in the bottom section and hit Void Item.
  • Enter a comment and hit Ok to complete the void. 

What's Next?

Print a voids report in admin to display the voids and who did them.

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