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District and District Options



Explains how to create a district in the Point-of-Sale System.





  • Go to Admin->District
  • Click on New
  • Fill out information on the form
    • ​District Name    
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Fax
(NOTE: Required information will be in bold on the form)
  • Click Ok


  • Add a Director and Administrator

  • Tax Information

    • Select the appropriate box, for those in the system, who will pay tax.
      • A Paid Student is a student with a paid status.
      • A Reduced Student is a student with a reduced status
      • A free student is a student with a free status
      • An employee is any account created with the student option unchecked. This make the account an adult account in the system and is recognized as an Employee account.
      • A Meal Plan Person is an account assigned to a college type meal plan.
      • Guest (Cash Sale) is for the sales using the Guest Cash Sale button on the POS machine. This is typically used for adult cash sales.
      • Student (Cash Sale) is for the  sales done using the Student Cash sale button on the POS, typically used for students paying cash.


  • Select Meal Plan Options

    • Using Meal Plans
      • Checked - This district will be using meal plan counts instead of meal plan money.
      • Not Checked - This district will not be using meal plan counts and meals will come off of the customer's balance.
    • Use Meal Equivalency
      • Using Meal Plans must be checked before this setting can be changed.
      • Checked - Meal Plan customer can purchase any combination of items up to the pre-configured Meal Amount.
      • Not Checked - Customers can only buy meal plan items towards their meal.
    • Use Bonus Bucks
      • Using Meal Plan must be checked before this setting can be changed.
      • Checked - Allows Meal Plans to give extra funds for purchases towards any item.  <Link to Meal Plans>
      • Not Checked - Customers do not receive extra funds
  • Select POS Options

    • Show statistics on POS Cashout
      • Checked- Allows the cashiers to view the total that is expected when they cash out. Pictured is the statistics screen when it is enabled.
      • Not Checked - the totals are hidden from the cashier during cash out.


  • Set the Start and End date of the School Year

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