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District Tabs



This section will describe the tabs within the District


District Details Letters Tab

  • The Letters tab gives you the ability to setup the rules for how and when you want your warning letters to print.
  • The Account limit to Reach to Reset customer's letters is the value that will prompt the letter to generate for a customer
  • Apply rule when account goes toward the good is telling the system what to do if the account goes toward the positive since the letters were last run. You can select the option that works best for you.
    • Nothing means they will get the next letter in the rotation even if there was a payment made
    • Stay at Current letter means they will get the same letter if they make a payment
    • Reset to First means the first letter will be sent if the customer made a payment.
  • Max Letter is the number of letters you have available for use.
  • Warning Letters---------Number of Days before sending letters Will define how many days should have past before the customer will receive the next letter in the rotation
  • Enter the number of days the account can remain negative since the last letter, before they should get the next letter.
  • For Letter one, enter the number of days the account can be negative. I would start with 1 and but my minimum value as the Account Limit.
  • If you run the letters weekly, you can put 5 or 7 for each consecutive letter.



District Details Bank Info

  • If you enter you bank information in this section, it will be displayed on a Deposit Ticket Report. 


FORMS Settings

  • District Administrator

    • ​Select the button with 3 dots to search and select the Administrator.
      • The administrator is the person who would appear if there was an issue with an application determination and the situation ended up in court.
      • If the name does not appear in a search Create a Customer
    • Type in the Administrators Title
    • Type in the Administrators phone number
    • This information will appear in the Approval/Denial letter where the keyword Administrator is used.
  • District Director

    • Select the button with 3 dots and search and select the Director 
      • ​The Director is the person the parent would call if they had a question about an application or a student's status
      • If their name does not come up in the search Create a Customer
    • Type in the Directors Title
    • Type in the Directors Phone number
    • This information will appear in the approval/denial letter, where the keyword Director is used.
  • FORMS-Set Application Dates

    • The First Day of the Fiscal Year would be the first date you can accept applications for a new school year. We typically suggest July 1 of that school year.
      • This date allows the system to sort out the old apps from the new ones.
    • The Carry over Status Expiration is the date all student must have submitted an updated application to maintain their current status. 
      • Normally, students are given 30 school days to update their application. This does not include weekends or days that school is not in session.


Vending Setup

  • This tab is used to select the Required Second Authentication for the vending machines.


Credit Cards

  • This tab is used to setup your credit card processor.
    • ​Select None if you are not using credit cards at the POS stations.
    • Select PAYwarePC if using our credit card software to process POS credit card payments.  
      • ​Enter the Server IP address
      • Enter the server port
      • Enter the Merchant ID
    • Select PC Charge if using this processor
      • ​Enter Server IP address
      • Enter Server Port
      • Select the Single or Multi user license Model.
    • Select External System if using your own credit card processing system, but you want to have the option to enter a credit card transaction.




What's Next?

  • Go tot he Letter Designer in Admin to create the letters
  • Login to FORMS to complete the setup and enter the applications
  • Go to POS in Admin and select the POS machines which will be using credit cards and select Enable Credit Card Processing.
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