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Creating a Customer


Explains the steps to create a customer in the point-of-sale system.


Creating a database of all students attending your school.


  • Log into the system - Admin Software
  • Click Customers
  • At the bottom of the screen, Click New. 
  • Fill out the information on the Customers Details screen pictured on the right  NewCustomer.png
    • NOTE: Fields in bold are required.  
    • Use the student ID which the student was assigned when they enrolled into your school student management system.
    • In many cases, the PIN is the same as the ID. (The PIN will be used by the student to access his or her lunch account.)
  • ​Select a school by clicking the button with 3 dots to the right of the school. 3dots.png Select the school from the list. *The District will automatically populate.
  • Uncheck the Student box if this is not a student (adult account)
  • Select OK to save the account information.

*You may continue to each tab to complete the information if needed.

*If you receive an error that the User ID or PIN is not unique, do a search on the User ID and PIN with the Active Only box unchecked to see if the customer already exists in the database.

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